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WE WENT TO VEGAS! :: CaterSource 2020

Prior to the "corona-craziness" of COVID-19 shutting down the world, two of our team members got to squeeze in one last quick trip to Las Vegas for CaterSource + The Special Event 2020. Added Touch had the pleasure of sending Erin Lis, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Meredith O'Brien, Senior Event Producer, to spend a week observing projected trends, new products, and connect with (old + new!) vendors.

Erin + Meredith at Las Vegas Airport

The week-long conference was held at the Mandalay Bay hotel. During the day, the girls were busy diving into all the classes and workshops CaterSource had to offer. Most days, they spent separately, so they could absorb the most knowledge to bring back to #TeamTouch in Atlanta.

By day the girls worked very hard...but by night time, they got to play even harder! Each night of the conference, CaterSource hosted an industry event. The parties were over-the-top and very interactive. It was fun for them to get to be guests for once, rather than working an event!

On their second to last day, the conference opened up their showroom exhibit which was one of the most exciting parts of the trip. That is where Erin and Meredith got to interact with all the vendors, try samples of food + decor, and find lots of fun ideas to bring back to Atlanta.

Despite, the timing of everything happening in the world, Erin and Meredith are so grateful they had the opportunity to go and represent Added Touch, as well as pick-up new ideas for their clients. They can't wait to reconnect with their clients and their upcoming events to showcase everything.


Meredith + Erin

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